One Golf Network has developed bold concepts, strategies and projects from ideas stage to fruition with the aim of driving growth, ensuring golf and its stakeholders flourish in today’s competitive, digitally driven environment.

The company seeks to connect golf clubs with golfers, deliver added value to golf clubs and the game’s stakeholders, and to share in that added value.

To help drive this initiative The PGA has become an equity partner in One Golf Network, creating a new brand – PGA One Golf Network. Working together we can utilise a prime opportunity to help golf clubs take control of their own destiny. By supporting this new initiative the PGA underlines the commitment to facilitate a change in the industry, where clubs are in control of their pricing, there is increased competition in the market and PGA members are at the heart of the clubs in providing this support.


In 2006, the high-water mark for the sport worldwide, more than four million Britons played golf; last year, that number was just 2,785,000. Membership of clubs in England has fallen from 850,000 to 652,000 in the same period, according to England Golf, the governing body for the sport in the country, with similar patterns reflected in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. (The Guardian April 2017)

  • Number of Golfers (million)

During the same period the increase in discounted golf and barter agreements means that many golfers, particularly those who aren’t a member of a club, are paying less to play. Even when they are playing, the money is often not a source of revenue for the golf clubs.

Continuation of these trends means that doing nothing is not an option. It is not a sustainable business model and would result in more golf club closures. The golf industry needs to play a proactive part in its own destiny.


  • Online Users (Billion)


Nearly half (47%) of the world’s population are online users

  • UK Users (Million)


Virtually all adults aged 16 to 34 years (99%) were recent internet users (in the last 3 months) – this is the Millennial generation

  • Leading third party tee time site bookings


From 2007–2016 the leading third party tee time site has grown from booking 10,000 rounds of golf per year to around 700,000 rounds of golf per year.

per year


One bartered tee time per day represents over £36,500 of revenue per annum for each golf club.


Our model is initially built around two core products – the GoPlaySafe app and GoPlayGolf. These innovative solutions are being developed in conjunction with the industry and will launch in phases over the next 12 months. PGA One Golf Network will help all clubs promote their businesses effectively and empower them to develop stronger relationships with their customers.

GoPlaySafe App


  • Limits unnecessary physical contact between golfers and facilities.
  • Allows the frontline workforce to manage the arrival and check-in of all golfers safely.
  • Encourages a simple and speedy check-in process for all customers
  • Safely monitors all golfer activity without compromising staff, customers or volunteers.
  • Collects the data of your customers through an efficient, safe and GDPR compliant process now.


  • Offers local marketing campaigns focused on your area and your golf club.
  • Showcases your golf club in a comprehensive directory listing,
  • Offers an easy to use website that allows golfers to book, pay and turn up at your golf club.
  • Puts you in control of both price and tee time available.
  • Offers the lowest commission in the marketplace at just 12%. No barter.


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